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Face Mask

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  • Cleaning and maintenanceļ¼š


    1. It can be used 50 times in a laboratory test environment. But because the external situation is more complicated, it is recommended to use it about 20 times without damage.


    2. Implementation standard: GB2626-2006 standard;


    3. Disinfection method: under normal conditions, it can be steamed in 100°C steam for 10 minutes, and then dried in the air. If possible, it can be placed in ozone for 15 minutes


    4. If washing, please do not rub to avoid damaging the function of filter element. It only needs to be immersed in hot water, which does not affect the function of anions.


    5. Shelf life: generally, it can be stored for three years if it is not moldy in a damp place.

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